Patti Steel Photos: Blog en-us (C)Patti Steel Photos (Patti Steel Photos) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT Patti Steel Photos: Blog 90 120 NYE 2019 - Harry's Downtown - Chucky Waggs & the Company of Raggs & Arkansauce Happy New Year 2020!! Well many updates for us. We have decided to finally make the change from Patti Richardson Photography to Patti Steel. Just a re-branding for many reasons but mostly for ease of all Patti Steel Brands to be in one location. Patti Steel now offers photography and music opportunities in one place -


Here is a few of the shot I captured form New Year's Eve 2020. It was a fun night and here are a few of the moments I captured from Arkansauce's set at Harry's Downtown in Fort Smith, AR. 

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Cary and Brandi - March 9, 2019 I had the distinct privilege to photograph a wonderful couple and their very intimate, special day on March 9, 2019 at the Treetops in Eureka Springs, AR. It was a very windy day for outdoor pictures but it was gorgeous weather outside. I arrived we snapped a few before the wedding photos and then it was time. Once the ceremony was over, we took some photos and I would love to share them with you.



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New Commercial Promo My first commercial. Please take a moment and watch and then share it!!

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Elephant Revival-Granda Theatre in Dallas, Texas

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Our one day visit to San Francisco, California May 2015 My husband and I took a vacation to the west coast. This was his first time to see the west coast and my second chance. It was breath taking. Over the next month, I will be posting images from our trip on my blog. Enjoy our first day in San Francisco, CA.

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Night Moves 5K Run & Concert in Mckinney, TX for charity: Love Life Foundation

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Past 2014 McKinney Magazine Issues Published Patti Richardson Photography I wanted to post a place where you could see my work published in McKinney, TX. These are the issues I have been published in so far...

July 2014 ISSUE

August 2014 ISSUE

September 2014 ISSUE

October/November 2014 ISSUE

December 2014/January 2015 ISSUE

February 2015 ISSUE

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The Bodarks: a hootenanny band So over a little year ago, I had to pack my bags in Fayetteville, AR and move to Dallas, TX. Let me tell you that I was not exactly excited at first because I was moving to a new area, a place where I had no network or community established. A friend introduced me to a guy named Jeff by Facebook. Jeff is the lead for a band called The Bodarks. He invited me to come see them play in Dallas. Let me tell you that what an incredible night that was for me. 

Friday, January 23, 2015, The Bodarks performed at Trees in Dallas, TX for the Waka Winter Classic. They put on a STELLAR performance and the audience surely appreciated it. Here are some images from that night. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015, The Bodarks performed at Churchhills in McKinney, TX for their CD Release party. Let me describe quickly for you the scene. Elbow to elbow, drink to drink, we were sardines...OMG it was a packed house. Here are a few images from the night. 

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Ben Miller Band featuring Daphne and the Mystery Machines Perform in Joplin, MO I had the privilege to snap a few photos as well as jam some tunes with both bands on the night December 26, 2014 in Joplin, MO. It is such a honor to be in the company of my established musical friends like Doug Dicharry and Daphne Culver at the same time. Well, the lighting was a bit frustrating but I still managed to snap a few great pics of the occasion. Take a look and enjoy.

Patti Richardson Photography :)

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Meet the Kaltenbachs On a sunny and warm November afternoon, I met Jennifer and her beautiful children. We explored an area that was new to all of us. Great memories were made between family and me. It was such a pleasure to take the time to get the children better. I think they started out not excited to have their photos taken but by the end enjoyed it. I feel pretty good about that :)

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Meet James and his family Greg and Shelly What a bundle of joy that James (little fella)!! This family is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. We decided to check out the downtown Plano area. It was a beautiful sunny day out and it felt wonderful outside. We had a great time finding new spots and fun backgrounds to take photos. Here are a few of the images from that day!! Thanks again for the opportunity.


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Meet the twins I had the pleasure of meeting two little cutie pies last weekend: Jasper and Whalen. Let me tell you that they are the cutest two buddies I have had the privilege of meeting recently. We had some time to take a little walk and take some family photos on our mutual friend's farm in beautiful ozarks of Missouri in Thomas Hollow. We like to call it the "holler." Take a few minutes to watch my slideshow of family photos to meet these fun lovin' twins and their family.

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Meet Ava Last week, my hubby and I drove north to visit our friends for the holiday. We stayed with our dear friends and their little girl, Ava. Let me tell you, she is as sweet as sugar. I knew upon meeting this little 14 month old (Ava) that we were going to be friends.

At first, she was a bit shy around us. She quickly started to warm up to me. The funny thing is that I was told that she doesn't allow many people to hold her except for mommy and daddy. A little secret is that she let me hold her as long as I wanted. We were friends. Here are a few photos of our time together. This is a sneak peek....

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A journey to Dallas Downtown An interesting excursion to the Dallas downtown area. We took The Dart in Plano, TX and rode it to the Dallas downtown Arts District. Here are some images along the way. Enjoy!! Photos by Patti Richardson Photography and music by The Trashcan Bandits.

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Winfield 2014 Walnut Valley Festival is an amazing musical festival full of amazing food, music, and people. I had the privledge to be a part of the amazing adventure. I left my home in Anna, TX on Sunday, Sept. 14 and returned on Saturday, Sept. 20. You will enjoy jams, cook outs, and a wedding. Here are the photos that I could get while I was there.

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Introducing Charlie the Puppy I had the pleasure to meet one of the sweetest puppies on Thursday, September 4th. His name is Charlie.

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Bodarks LIVE The Bodarks performed last night at Cadillac Pizza on August 12, 2014. It was a special evening because their lead singer Jeff Brooks was celebrating his birthday AND the band was doing a live recording of the evening for a live cd at a later date. Here are some images from the night.

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Plano Photography Club - Tabletop Sessions This past Saturday, I attended my first club activity and had a blast doing so. They had so many photo stations set up, I couldn't attend them all. Here are the sessions I did attend: Painting with light and water drop reflections.

I appreciate all of those who helped create the event and I even volunteered to help tear down because I was so impressed with all of those instructors/mentors.

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Bodarks in the studio Check out my day with the Bodarks string band in the studio.

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First published photos in the state of Texas I just want to say thanks for your continued support of my art/work!! I appreciate you all very much.

I have had an amazing opportunity unfold in this new area in my photo journey. I found the Mckinney Magazine, Chamber of Commerce Magazine for McKinney, TX. I met the wonderful Peggy Smolen, Communication Direction for the Chamber and so we began our business adventures. Today, my first two assignments were published in the July issue.

Here is the link to this issue. My work is displayed on Page 22-23 AND Page 51-52. This is a PDF version.

TO view online


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Melissa Library Teen Photo Program Today, I had the privilege of talking to some teens about the basics of photography and a local photo contest. They were an amazing audience and so captivated by the conversation. It was truly amazing to experience. I just want to thank each and every one of them for making my day so bright :)

Here are some images from that earlier today.

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Patti Richardson Photography at Block Street Party - Fayetteville, AR 2014 I enjoyed taking photos this year at Block Street Party 2014 in Fayetteville, AR. The event was on a beautiful day in the wonderful Arkansas Hills. Here are some images from that day. I hope you enjoy!!!

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West Crossing May BBQ 2014 We had a great time at our neighborhood bbq. Here is a series of images from that day. Enjoy!!

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Celebration of mothers West Crossing put on a beautiful breakfast in celebration of mothers on May 3, 2014 at the amenity center. Here are some images from that day.

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Bodarks take over Junius Heights Historic District April 27, 2014 The Bodarks celebrated an amazing little community in the Dallas area on April 27, 2014. I was lucking to be a part of the festivities. This area is such a great community. Thanks again for opening up your block for these good times. Here are some beautiful memories.

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Getting to know my neighbors! Here is the thing: I met a boy named Logan and a cat named Squeaks. These two are quite the interesting characters. This past weekend I took some time out of my busy schedule to tell you a little story about the two. Enjoy the photos :)


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Introducing The Bodarks Well, I never thought I would play music and take photos at the same time, but I did! The Bodarks (check them out had asked me to join them for a show at Stan's Lakeview Taphouse and Grill in The Colony. They are so much fun to perform with but they are entertaining to watch as well. I thought why not do them both: be the performer and be the audience. I wanted to share the images from that night.

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WestCrossingEasterEggHunt Saturday, April 12, 2014 -Easter Egg Hunt

Joel and I decided to attend our first neighborhood event since moving to the Anna area. The event scheduled was an Easter Egg Hunt. When I was a kid, the great egg hunt were one of my greatest memories. It was always such a great time hunting for eggs.

When we arrived, they had already begun the big hunt. I raced around the side of the community building to capture as many of the kids and families as possible. After the hunt, they had set up a nice potluck. It was such a great time: friendly people, beautiful children, and tasty snacks. This is a wonderful community.

Here is my thanks to my community for allowing me to be a part of your day!!

Your friendly photographer,

Patti Richardson Photography

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Our first McKinney, TX Farmer's Market adventures Around 8 am, Saturday, April 5, 2014, Joel and I left our home in Anna to head down 5 hwy towards McKinney, TX. We were extremely excited to get out in the public and be a part of our new community. We parked the car and headed to this beautiful overcast morning to seek out what many exciting treasures we would find. The farmer's market in McKinney is located at the Chestnut Square in historic downtown. It is so neat full of some much history. We stayed for a few hours and became familiar with our new community. I have attached a slideshow of beautiful photos of our journey. ENJOY the photos!!

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My first urban Texas garden My husband, Joel and I have decided to attempt a small urban Texas garden in our home in Anna. We love working to make our lives a bit healthier and this is a way for us to contribute to that desire. Since we are have limited space, we have decided we could do a small urban garden this year in our backyard. This our first attempt at starting seeds and planters for the garden at our home. Here is a look at what we have started so far:


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